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B.E.S.T. Universal 32 bit Fujitsu MCU card
Blackwood Embedded Solutions' Universal 32 bit Fujitsu MCU card is based on the Fujitsu's 32bit FR MB91F465P MCU.
The card has been designed for use in the production of your final product, as well as a development board.
Unlike most development boards it contains circuit protection components and isolation barriers you would need in your product. Which means it can save you development time and money as the software written for the development board will be the same code used in you final product.
It utilises a standard off the shelf 240pin DIMM connector to interface with your bespoke system PCB. This standard connector is available in leaded technology, therefore allowing designs that are leaded component based to utilise the SMT technology of this card without needing surface mount on the bespoke board it is to plug into.

From hand held battery operated systems to full desktop systems. The reasonably compact size (133.5mm x 100mm) of the Blackwood Embedded Solutions' Universal 32 bit Fujitsu MCU card and the fully adjustable clocking frequency, and sleep/power down modes of the microcontroller and external components, means it can be used in variety of products.

The power saving features of the B.E.S.T. Universal 32bit Fujitsu MCU card can minimise its power consumption when its full processing power is not needed, invaluable in minimising your products, carbon emissions in use.

As can be seen from the summary of resources below, a lot of the standard resources that you may find in a typical embedded product are already implemented on this card. Freeing your development team up to concentrate the specialist parts of the system that differentiates your company's product from others.

A quick start development kit is also available to help you design this board into your future product quickly.

Product details



The microcontroller has the following maximum available resources, dependant on use: -



·Fujitsu MB91F465PA (FR60) 32 bit RISC MCU, with single cycle instruction execution.

·100MHz maximum Microcontroller core speed.

·50MHz maximum peripheral and external bus speed.

·544Kbytes internal Flash memory.

·48K total internal RAM

·Internal Watchdog Timer.

·5 channel DMA controller.

·1x internal RTC (provided power remains on)

·8 x free running timers

·8 x input Capture timers

·8 x output compare timers

·16 x reload timers

·32 x 16 bit PPG

·1 x 16bit PFM

·1 x Sound Generator

·Up/down counters 4 x 8 bit or 2 x 16bit.

·3 CAN channels

·12 x serial ports (2 used as isolated RS232 ports)

·4 x I2C channels

·External memory bus

·15 x external interrupts (*1)

·1 x NMI

·126 x I/O ports (*1)

·29 x 10 bit ADC inputs (*1)(*2)

(*1) This is less than MCU datasheet shows as peripherals are used by other external resources on the board.

(*2) ADC inputs are protected from overvoltage to AVCC


The following list of resources are also available on the card: -

                ·8 x 10 bit DAC outputs (uses 1 serial port)

·External MCU supervisor with supply monitoring, watchdog and reset.

·2 x 5KV isolated RS232 ports (uses two of the microcontrollers serial ports). One RS232 Port can be used to program the microcontroller from a PC.

·Serial I2C 1Mbit EEPROM (256k x 8bits)(optional)

·1 x 5KV isolated Ethernet Port fully compatible with 10/100/1000Base-T networks (optional)

·Precision Voltage Reference source (optional)

·1x 750mW audio Amplifier (optional)

·1x 64 macro cell CPLD(optional)

·1 x watchdog disabled/programming indicator LED

·1 x LED for user control (e.g. Heart beat indicator)

·1 x on board NTC thermistor for case ambient temperature monitoring

·1 x CPU board version ID using resistor potential divider

·1 x external PCB ID using resistor potential divider

·4 way Dip switch to set MCU operating mode (see Microcontroller hardware manual for details)

Pricing dependant on order quantities and specifications.

Fully populated Part No.:- U32MCU1-PCB-1-2-FULL
In Stock
- Use our contacts page to discuss your specifications or ask for Quote.