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Quick Start Development Kit
With a fully populated B.E.S.T. Universal 32bit MCU card, fujitsu software tools (compiler, simulator/debugger and MCU programming software), cables, along with a fanout board to a leaded headers. This Quick start development Kit, allows you to start prototyping your future product straight away.
In addition if you register you're kit with Blackwood Embedded Solutions, we can save you more time/money by providing C drivers, we've already written for the card, license free. Allowing you to get started on your products coding even quicker.

Product details

      This Kit Includes: -

       1x Blackwood Embedded Solutions' Universal 32 bit Fujitsu MCU card.

       1x Fanout board (With integrated 5V regulated supply, CPLD programming header and Audio output connectors, for easier prototyping and quickstart software development)

1x Fujitsu Documentation + Software Tools CD, includes full unrestricted C/C++ compiler IDE (requires free registration with Fujitsu)

1x Ethernet PATCH cable 0.5m

1x Ethernet X-over cable 0.5m

1x USB to twin serial Port convertor cable with drivers (windows 98/2000/XP/Vista)

1x MCU Programming cable with two 9 D way Serial Port connectors.

download single page datasheet

Pricing: Contact Us for latest pricing (Discounts available on multiple orders)

Part number:- U32MCU1-1-2-QUICKSTART-KIT
Currently In Stock
Don't Forget, after purchase register your kit with Blackwood Embedded Solutions Ltd, via the contacts page, and we'll send you license free C Code drivers and demo code for Ethernet, and a IBM Rational Rhapsody IDF framework port.