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Press Releases
May 26th, 2009--UK

Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe name Blackwood Embedded Solutions Ltd as Business Partner.


Following the successful launch of their Quick Start development Kit and Universal 32bit Fujitsu MCU card, Blackwood Embedded Solutions Ltd are pleased to announce that they are now a Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe Business Partner.

Anthony Giles M.D. says: “This is wonderful news for Blackwood Embedded Solutions Ltd., we were previously listed as third party support consultants for Fujitsu Microcontrollers and with this development, now hope to go from strength to strength.”

Attributing their success to the unique circuit protection components and isolation barriers included as standard on the Universal 32bit Fujitsu MCU card, which is also included in the Quick Start development kit,Blackwood Embedded Solutions Ltd believe that the savings made on development time and money will provide an added incentive for engineers, by allowing more time for developing the specialist parts of the individual’s system.

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About Blackwood Embedded Solutions Ltd.

Blackwood Embedded Solutions specialise in real-time embedded system design, both software and hardware and provide consultancy services in these areas.A young company, established in October 2008, they launched their first products in March 2009


Issued by: Initiative Marketing on behalf of Blackwood Embedded Solutions Ltd.

Issued on: 26th May 2009

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